code red

Code Red Software Ltd was founded in 2012 driven by the desire to bring the latest software technology to established operations.

Our experience has shown us that the success of a business is founded on the ability to understand, analyse, and drive critical decisions from the data it collects as it is collected. A successful business has software that simply works. Businesses often implement multiple software solutions across business functions from operations to sales to accounts with each software package designed to meet a specific task. In many cases these systems are not linked and cannot communicate with one another. The result is business intelligence obtained in hindsight through manual process of data exports, and analysis through secondary software packages and spreadsheets.

Intelligent businesses react to operational drivers as they happen. To be truly competitive you need insight, not hindsight.

One solution is to implement new integrated software, but capital expenditure in change management projects and training costs and the operational impact from integration is high risk and cost prohibitive - in our experience unnecessary.

It is far easier, more robust and secure to collect data from across established software platforms and bring it together into a single software solution to analyse and drive business intelligence as it happens. A solution that can take data from established systems, complete complex analytics and present reports in the moment; Reports that are accessible, fresh, and innovative – this is code red.

our clients

Our clients operate in a range of industries but with one common theme - data - and lots of it. Every industry strives to improve efficiency and reduce wastage in order to maximise profit. Each industry, each operation, is unique but fundamentally hinged on the same methods: a programme of data capture, analysis, development, and performance monitoring.

We know this method is not industry specific and have successfully designed and implemented software in the:

  • Food industry
  • Waste, environment, and renewable sectors
  • Local government
  • Health care and the NHS
  • Transport and logistic sector