our software


The foundation of our technology at the core of our business; a culmination of years of operational and manufacturing experience enveloped in the latest software technology.

  • integrate with established operational software platforms across your business
  • Monitor total business data
  • Complete cross platform data interrogation and undertake complex business analytics
  • Integrate seamlessly with our software range offering real time operational performance reports, advanced operational and service planning, and cross departmental business intelligence

Providing the complete solution for Manufacturing Performance Indicators

  • Define operational KPIs (OEE, yield)
  • Measure performance (time, period, group, team, or operation)
  • define fixed printable reports and operational dashboards
  • Analyse operational performance to define a programme of improvements
  • continually monitor and Control operations to Improve performance and the impact of change


Production planning, optimised for food manufacturing - increasing efficiency and reducing wastage

  • perform manufacturing critical actions in seconds
  • use pre-defined rules to control production frequency and volume
  • calculate raw material, packaging and labour requirements
  • take into account finished goods stock, which lines each product can be produced on, vehicle departure times and planned breaks wash-downs, power-downs
  • update the plan with changes and top-up orders, and adjust the plan to account for problems, such as machine breakdowns
  • move orders/products onto different lines, republish the updated plan


Total integrated business planning - capture business critical decisions, mitigate risk, discuss performance, deploy resolutions, realise benefits.

  • Create and log minutes, actions, and notes, and decisions
  • Maintain business logs in Vulnerabilities and Opportunities and Risk
  • Create stunning reports to communicate change and monitor performance
  • Fully realise project benefits in real time


Software technology leveraging your data to answer complex questions your business should be asking - get more from your data, get competitive, get insight

  • The complete engine for total intelligent reporting
  • Get ahead of the competition with insight into your business like never before


Waste Data Flow - Monitor your contractors with precision, validate your data with confidence, meet your regulatory and policy obligations with ease, project and plan the future with assurance.

  • Monitor your contractors with precision
  • Validate your data with confidence
  • Meet your regulatory and policy obligations with ease
  • Project and plan the future with assurance.