our software


The foundation of our technology at the core of our business; a culmination of years of operational and manufacturing experience enveloped in the latest software technology.

  • integrate with established operational software platforms across your business
  • Monitor total business data
  • Complete cross platform data interrogation and undertake complex business analytics
  • Integrate seamlessly with our software range offering real time operational performance reports, advanced operational and service planning, and cross departmental business intelligence

digital pathology

A cutting edge Laboratory Information Management system that integrates with Hamamatsu's flagship Digital Pathology slide scanner to provide high speed, high resolution images of slides for observation and reporting

  • Used in ISO accredited laboratories
  • Allows for 24/7 secure access from anywhere in the world
  • Manage and control laboratory documentation including version history
  • Organise and monitor staff training sessions and their training history via a matrix view
  • Maintain and manage laboratory re-agents and antibodies, including the generation of safety information guides and documents

KPI suite

Providing a visual, integrated and precise solution for reporting Key Performance Indicators.

  • Define management and operational KPIs
  • Measure actual results, or extract from existing systems
  • Analyse results against targets visually with RAG colouring
  • Continually monitor and Control operations to Improve performance and minimise the impact of change